Lancer Corp asked us to assist them in creating content to help their sales team to better present and demonstrate certain components of their soft drink dispensers.

First off were some 3D images of the product from different angles so that certain parts of the nozzle could be seen and talked about.

Then an augmented reality version of the nozzle was created to give the product more dimension and depth. As you can see in the video below.

Visualisation of the Vera Pour Nozzle

Augmented Reality of Nozzle

We were also asked to produce some 3D renders of a new concept dispenser and the moulding that goes over it.

The image on the left is how the unit looks with the moulding on. The one on the right is showing how the unit can be branded without the moulding cover.

The GIF in the middle shows a simplistic version of how the branding graphic gets wrapped onto the moulding.

Visualisation of the Delta 6 Unit