We were asked to create a virtual reality experience to help promote hang gliding at Mechanos 2016, Mackay’s Wings and Wheels event.

We created a 2 min, 360 video hang gliding experience and used the Oculus DK2 virtual reality headset. To add to the immersion of the flight the whole experience was setup with a real hang glider.

The user climbs into the hang glider harness, takes position (as they would on a real flight) then with the addition of the virtual reality headset, they are taken high into the air, gliding with the birds. With the ability to look around at the 360 degree views. All the while being safe on the ground…much to the delight of many of the parents who’s kids wanted to fly for real.

We had to shut down a little early due to the wind on the ground picking up (we didn’t want the virtual experience to turn into the real thing). We ran for about 3┬áhours and were non-stop the whole time. That’s more than 70 people that got the thrill of flying.

Hang Gliding Virtual Reality Experience