This is the ultimate in Man Cave fridges. Holds a stack of beer, has an digital display to play all of your favourite moments and branding to satisfy the most die-hard of fans requirements. It even has built in bottle openers!

Our roll for this project was to produce a number of concept renders (these are just a few) to show the versatility of the Sports Fridge unit.

The shell of the fridge is essentially the same but with a change in colour and some well placed graphics and/or collectables each fridge stands alone.

A few of the concepts were then taken through to a one off build to showcase them for specific brands.

The Dare fridge below went to production, had a run of a few hundred and were placed around the country in various locations, you may have seen one?

3D Concept Render of Dare Fridge

The Actual Dare Fridge

The Limited Edition Wally Lewis SportsFridgeTM, below, was featured on The Footy Show and had a limited run of 300.

Comes with 2 Licenced NRL Jersey’s – 1 Queensland & 1 Australian autographed by King Wally.

3D Concept Render of the Wally Lewis Fridge

The Actual Wally Lewis Fridge

3D Concept Render of the Manchester United Fridge

The Actual Man-U and Hawks AFL Fridges

3D Concept Render of the Hawks AFL Fridge